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My Interview with Salon Estilo's Owner, Daniela Soria!

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Daniela Soria, Salon owner of Salon Estilo

Daniela Soria is a seasoned colourist, as well as owner of Salon Estilo, located in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.
She uses colours to create a positive change in her clients. Soria utilizes her unique coloring technique to cater the clients' looks, personalities and needs. Her knowledge of color technique brings her work to its highest level of excellence. Soria's artistic vision adds panache to Salon Estilo. Soria has been in the hair industry since 2001. She became a licensed hairstylist after receiving her training at Fiorio Academy. Daniela decided to be a colour technician, after doing various courses through colour companies including Goldwell, Schwarzkopf, Wella, Revlon, Intercosmo, L'Oreal. She completed three courses abroad in Bolongna, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. She has also completed courses including fusion extensions, Tape extensions, Japanese straightening and Keratin treatments. She won awards while at Fiorio for 2 photo shoot competitions where her work was featured in the hairdresser magazine and ads were used for Revlon Professional and Fiorio. (Biography courtesy of Salon Estilo's website).

I recently sat down with salon owner of Salon Estilo, Daniela Soria. Thank you, Daniela for taking the time to speak with me. I appreciate it.

Stacey Camacho: What made you decide being a colourist was something of a passion for you?
Daniela Soria: Becoming a hairdresser wasn't a hard decision for me it’s just part of my DNA. My mom was a hairdresser, my aunt, and her daughter. I am the only
Colourist out of all of them and they don't understand why I don't cut [hair] but I honestly was just drawn to it. Sometimes you just go with your gut, and that’s what I did.

SC: Why have you decided on becoming a colourist, as opposed to a hair stylist?
DS: A colourist and stylist to me are something you can be naturally talented at. I feel most hairdressers even if they do both are always drawn to one or the other a little more. Now that I have my own salon I dabble more in the styling area which I enjoy but I stay away from scissors. I know what I'm good at. It was a natural instinct to go to that side of the industry.

Make up by Daniela Soria
Photographer Natasha Gerschon
Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of  Salon Estilo

SC: You’ve studied at Fiorio Academy, have you received any other training?
DS: I believe education is very important so I always try to take a few classes a year. In the 14 years I've been in the industry I have done classes with Wella, Schawarzkopf and Goldwell. I went to Italy and did three classes with Revlon / Intercosmo, also Barcelona with Revlon Professional. Fiorio was a Revlon salon so I always attended all their classes, when they switched to L'Oreal I did classes with them and continue now with them because that’s the line we carry. To keep up with forever changing trends you have to keep yourself in the know.

SC: What is Japanese straightening? How does it differ from chemical straightening?
DS: There are a few differences between Japanese and relaxing
Japanese straightening
1. Different chemical which can be less harsh
2. Uses heat in the process specifically a flat iron.
3. Takes a few hrs because there are more steps because of the flat iron process it's usually a light cream consistency
4. Should not be used for very curly kinky hair because the grow out period is 4-6 months; the roots would be to drastic of a difference from the ends.
1. Is used for very kinky curly hair
2. Can be harsher
3. Usually a thick cream
Touch up is about every 8 weeks or so 
Heat source is used after the whole process is finished just to style the hair.

Photographer Natasha Gerschon
Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo

SC: Congratulations on opening up your own salon! What made you decide to leave Fiorio and start your own salon?
DS: Thank you! Leaving Fiorio was a hard and scary decision but I left because I wanted to have control over my clients’ experience. It’s hard when you work for such a large salon not to get lost in the busy fast pace atmosphere. I always promised myself that I would stay in one place until I was ready to do my own thing. You also get to an age where your time with family and health is so important. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2010 so after that, my perspective changed a lot. Working in a mall you have very long late hours and I wanted to continue to love what I do, and I felt myself drifting from that, so I knew I had to change something. It was the best decision I have ever made besides becoming a mother.

SC: I love your salon name. Why did you name is Salon Estilo?
DS: I actually wanted a unique name, and my background is Spanish, so I got a Spanish dictionary and started looking up words associated with hair. Estilo in Spanish means updo or style. I thought it [was] fitting and so did my business partner, Tehseen.

SC: Tell me a bit about your salon.
DS: My Salon is Located in Downtown Georgetown. I grew up here and had many clients from here and surrounding areas seeing me at Fiorio. The community is amazing and up in coming so my business partner and I thought it would be a great location. We are the first departmentalized salon in Georgetown which means we have staff who only colour and staff who only cuts. I’m very proud of the team I have here. We pride ourselves in giving our clients a great service and personable experience.

SC: Congratulations on winning awards at two photo shoot competitions! It’s definitely something that is well deserved. How does it feel to be an award-winning colourist?
DS: Winning the two competitions was a great feeling. They were 2 competitions within the Fiorio company. So we went up against like 7 other salons both times. They all were very good entries done by very talented people so to be picked was an exciting moment.

Make up by Daniela Soria
Photographer Natasha Gerschon
Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo

Hair colour by Daniela Soria
Make up by Daniela Soria
Photographer Natasha Gerschon
Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo
SC: Were you expecting to have won or was it a surprise?
DS: It was a surprise, of course. I knew we did a great job, so did the other contestants so it’s hard to know for sure in that moment when you see other peoples’ work what the judges are looking for.

SC: Take me back to the night when you had won your awards.
DS: The night we won I say we because it was myself, my co-worker and friend who was part of my team on this project. Fiorio has a huge Christmas party, and we had all our peers from the company there. They showed our winning picture and when they announced our names we couldn't have been more proud and happy.

SC: How does it feel to have all of this accomplishment at such a young age?
DS: I don't feel young, lol. It’s an amazing feeling to have done so much over the years I have to say you are totally in charge of your future. Having goals and reaching them is so rewarding.

Hair colour by Daniela Soria
Make up by Daniela Soria
Photographer Natasha Gerschon
Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo

SC: What is your must have hair product?
DS: Must have is an amazing product called olaplex No. 3 it makes your hair stronger and helps revive your hair.

SC: How do you keep your hair looking so healthy, beautiful and shiny?
DS: I keep my hair in good condition by using professional products on a regular. I also think it is very important to give your hair treatments when you have your hair coloured. With all the blow drying, curling and styling we do to ourselves, you have to really make sure your replenishing moisture and protein back into your hair, treat your hair with respect and it will love you forever.

SC: What hair advice do you have to offer to women?
DS: My hair advice would be to invest in really great products, to regularly maintain their haircuts and to give themselves one night a week to do a hair masque. Taking the proper care of your hair will really make a huge difference in how you style and feel about your locks.

SC: Lastly, do you have any advice to pass on to any up and coming colourist that wants to follow in your footsteps?
DS: For those up and coming colourists, please do not pass up any opportunity to educate yourself. Do not let your ego dictate to you that you are so amazing that you could never make a mistake, and lastly your clients are your lively hood, so do what you can for them and they will be the most loyal to you.

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Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo Facebook's Page

Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo's Facebook Page
Photo courtesy of Salon Estilo's Facebook Page

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