Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Are You Up For The #30DaySkinChallenge?

(Oh, hello, there lady, I see you are living healthy ;))

Challenge yourself to #30DaySkinChallenge by walking, or by eating something healthy. Take a quick photo of it for #MeatlessMonday, by doing this you are making a small improvement in inner and outer health. For the next 30 days, Contribute by snapping a pic of your Meatless Monday creations. Look out for my Meatless Monday photo next week :). I am all in for living healthy. One of my favourite activities is walking. I am not a big meat eater in general. I don’t rely on fats to bring flavour to food. I rely on herbs. I am not really a fan of soda, I am, however, a HUGE fan of tea. I do have to admit I like coffee (what’s one not so great thing for you? ;)). I prefer stairs over elevators and escalators. I LOVE smoothies. That is my healthy living, what is yours? Please share on twitter. I would love to hear from you and to see your #MeatlessMonday snapshots :). 

do you feel fabulous today? 
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