Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dior Golden Shock Noel/Christmas 2014 Collection



The shock of pure colours and the iconic Dior Gold. The collector editions of Diorific and the 5 Couleurs palette feature the striking contrast between vibrant hues and their double tinted with a precious shimmer.

Golden Shock Collection Includes: 
Diorific in 001 Gold Shock and 002 Pink Shock 
5 Couleurs in 046 Golden Reflections and 746 Golden Shock Limited Holiday Edition 
Diorific in 001 Delicate Shock, 002 Enchanting Shock, 003 Daring Shock, 004 Mysterious Shock, 005 Ardent Shock, 006 Passion Shock, 008 Mysterious Shock 
Dior Addict Gloss in 164 Gold Rain and 663 Pink Excess Limited Holiday Edition
Diorific in 001 Golden Shock 
Diorific in 022 Mirror, 241 Gold Equinoxe, 762 Shock, 990 Smoky

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