Monday, October 27, 2014

LOVE: Yves Rocher Nourishing Body Lotion Dry Skin


Nourishing Body Lotion Dry Skin $9
This is a body lotion that delivers nourishment for your skin, especially if it’s dry to very dry skin. Nourishing Body Lotion comprises of Almond Oil from organically grown ingredients to restore skin to comfort and Mexican Agave Sap from organically grown ingredients for its moisturizing properties.  The results of using this body lotion is that it leaves your skin smooth, totally comfortable and oh-so velvety.

Stacey Says: What I love about this body lotion is that it isn’t oily, so it absorbs quickly into the pores to hydrate my skin. I don’t have to wait for an oily residue to seep into my skin; again due to it not being an oily lotion, which I like and appreciate, because I will admit, I don’t have the patience to wait for a lotion to seep into my pores. My skin is left smooth, as well as well hydrated.

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