Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NEW: Smashbox Double Exposure Palette

Double Exposure Palette is a state-of-the-art coated pigments that makes the magic happen. This coating technology creates multiple effects when wet, allowing the shadows to transform in one of four ways. So, 14 shadows actually become 28 shades—all in just one palette.

“I love that this palette was inspired by a real photography technique called ‘multiple exposure.’ It’s when the camera shutter opens more than once to expose the film several times during a shot. You end up capturing a sequence that shows how a moment transforms—it’s really powerful. This palette is all about that power of transformation.”
—Davis Factor, Smashbox Founder and Photographer

o   #SHAPEMATTERS insert with how-to’s for 6 eye shapes
o   Special double-ended brush
o   Domed side: Absorbs just the right amount of water for impactful color
o   Angled side: Creates a precise line when wet, a diffused line when dry
o   BONUS! Full Exposure Mascara sample

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