Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ask Stacey: DIY Facial Mask to Remove Blackheads!

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Question:  I need a good at home facial mask that I can do once a week for my pours my nose is covered in black heads.

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My favourite at home facial mask that I have been using since I was a teenager to remove blackheads is an egg white mask. Egg whites are excellent for oily skin or the skin condition dehydrated skin. With oily skin, you will have a lot of black heads, rightÉ Whereas, someone like myself who has a common skin condition called dehydrated skin will have a few black heads from time to time. An egg white masks is excellent for either or.

1 egg
Small bowl
Facial Wash Cloth

1. Seperate egg yolk from the egg white into a small bowl.
2. Cleanse your face with your fave cleanser.
3. Towel dry your face.
4. Apply egg white right onto your face.
5. Keep on until it dries. Skin should feel tight, unable to move.
6. Peel it off.
7. Remove any residue of the egg white mask with a wash cloth,
8. Pat dry.
9. Viola!

Note: When you have dehydrated skin, only use this mask when you have black heads. Oilier skin, should use this more often. About once a week to bi-weekly to keep black heads at bay. Egg whites is excellent to help control sebum (oil).

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