Thursday, December 31, 2015

LOVE Avene Cold Cream for Hands & Lips

When the cold weather hits, my hands and lips become super-dry. One of the products I've found to hydrate them instantly is by using cold cream. It's oil-free. Locks in the moisture for hands creams normally for up to six washes. It isn't fun or attractive to have scaly looking hands during these cold months if you don't have to. Avene Cold Cream for lips and hands are my go-to for instant hydration. 

Avene is a derm line, meaning it works internally. It isn't a surface only correcting type of cosmetic line. Some derm lines take up to three weeks before you see results. This derm line, depending on person to person, so for me I notice results quickly, to prevent the skin issue from reoccurring. 

It's cold weather-proof. Now, when I say cold weather-proof, I'm referring not to Alberta cold, but Ontario (Canada) windchill, I can feel the wetness, a.k.a. mist of the wetness lingering on my on my skin cold. Anyone who has experienced windchill knows exactly what I'm talking about. In my opinion, it's one of the worst kind of cold weather there is from growing up in Toronto, and have only moved out to Calgary (Alberta, Canada) over a year ago.

Cold Cream Lip Balm
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Nourish your lips with the intensely hydrating properties of Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm. The rich formula immediately relieves dry, flaky and chapped lips, and cocoons the skin in an emollient barrier that protects against external aggressors. Immediately softens lips as it heals, restores and protects. Clinically proven to remain on the lips for up to 8 hours.

Stacey Says: When applied, it does change the colour of your lips slightly, no worries, it's the cream seeping in. My lips end up looking cold (hense, cold cream), however, I don't mind. I think of the end result. It feels comfortable. I often forget I'm wearing it. It stays on even when you're showering, as I had accidentally applied it before taking a shower, instead of afterwards one time. Off topic, the weather in Southern Ontario (Toronto) isn't anywhere as bad as what it was over the past few years. On topic, point is, if you want to hydrate your lips and not have to worry about constant reapplying, opt for this all natural Cold Cream Lip Balm by Avene. 

Cold Cream Hand Cream
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Rich, non-greasy hand cream that nourishes and helps repair dry, cracked hands and nails. Clinically proven to last through six hand washings, this premium hand cream offers long-lasting moisture. Paraben-Free

Stacey Says: Neither one of the cold cream products contain a scent. A hand cream that repairs the dryness of my hands and have it last for up to six hand washings is pretty great. Non-oily. Non-greasy. 

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