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Makeup Lesson: All About Bronzers!

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Back Story:
Once upon a time when Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel decided to go on vacay only to end up accidentally falling asleep on her yacht vacationing in the French Riveira. This means she had gotten a sun burn that later turned into a tan. This was back in the late 1920's. See, this was the time when tanning was unheard of for those of wealthy status. If you tanned it symbolized the person worked outdoors. If you worked indoors, you would never tan. People were shocked. It was, however received positively. Not long afterwards, women wanted to adopt this new fashion of tanning. They didn't however, necessarily want to go into the sun to tan. Some did, while some did not. Those who didn't eventually lead Chanel to come out with the first ever bronzer. Slowly, tanning became acceptable. Once again, like she had done by incorporating tweed into her art work of fashion designing, like she did designing clothes for women that had some masculinity to them, as she was a tomboy, did it again. Chanel revolutionizing the beauty industry, like she had revolutionized the fashion industry. Bronzers were initially designed to be powder based with shimmer that allowed ladies to recreate the Chanel look. Later on, the finish of a bronzer became matte, also available in liquid, gel and cream form. Something that was an accident became a huge success of tanning and faux tanning. If you're a fan of tanning and the usage of bronzers. you can thank Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel for popularizing this what some had thought was a fad, then a trend, but later turned out to be something that had stayed.

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How to Apply:
Bronzer is designed to be deliver a faux tan, apply it where the sun hits your face; forehead, cheeks, chin and nose in a "3" shape and a backwards "3" shape on each side of the face, from temple to cheek to chin. Do not concentrate it, as it'll be way too mch on the face and it won't look natural. Sweep it on. Make sure the bronzer is a shade darker than your complexion.

Apply a powder bronzer after you have finished setting your makeup with your powder. As for cream and anything that isn't powder based, apply before you set your makeup. 

Which bronzer is for your skin type? Well, you'll have to click on the link to my article that tells all about the bronzers for your skin type! Selecting a Bronzer For Your Skin Type!

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