Saturday, January 9, 2016

DIY: 3 Ways to Use Honey as Your Skincare Product!

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Honey makes an excellent cleanser. Not only does it cleanse your skin, it also moisturizes it. PLUS, it removes makeup. I love how honey is a three-in-one natural skincare ingredient. Just when I thought I couldn't like honey any more from the taste to skincare, honey surprises me with, yet another beauty greatness. 

How to Use:
Makeup Remover
Apply honey straight form the tube or jar onto your face over top of your makeup. Apply downwards so the makeup doesn't end up in you pores. 

Like any skincare product, it's no different, apply upwards, so your skincare product gets into your pores. You do want to receive the full benefits of your skincare, don't you?
Honey moisturizes as it cleanses. And, that's your third benefit from using honey. 

Use honey as is, and apply it straight to your face. I like wetting my face first before applying a cleanser with a warm or hot cloth, to open up my pores, then apply the honey cleanser. If you are using it as a makeup remover, apply the formula over top of your makeup. Make sure to apply it in a downward motion. Wash it off in a downward motion. 

Remember to use any skincare product, apply it in an upward motion ensuring you are getting the full benefits of your skincare.

If you're like me, the honey will end up in your moth. This is okay, as long as you don't eat it all, instead of applying it on your face, as well as the fact you're not adding any additional product into the mixture. But try not to get any honey into your mouth ;).

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