Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let's Talk About Fashion!

You've asked, and now I'm delivering. Let's discuss fashion, style, fashion news, haute couture, ready-to-wear, fashion designers, and oh, how I know fashion designers! ;) I've only read a few, and when I say few, I mean five biographies, autobiographies, as well as watching French films.

I shall continue discussing beauty, but now I'm expanding it into fashion. To me makeup is an accessory to compliment one's attire. Sometimes it's reverse. Makeup is the wardrobe, and your clothes are the accessory to compliment your ensemble.

My style consists of being fashion forward, chic, elegant, classy, with a bit of edge. This edge is done in a tasteful, ladylike manner. Gotta be bold to pull off chic pieces. Did I mention glamorous? No. How could I forget?! That is the main component to describe my style, along with the other descriptions. I don't own sweats of any kind, hoodies or sneakers. The closet thing to a sneaker that I do own is deck/boat shoes. I do want to purchase tennis shoes and hiking shoes for hiking only. I exercise that doesn't require any shoes at all.

Love haute couture and ready-to-wear. What's the difference? What is ready-to-wear? What exactly is haute couture? I will tell you...another time. Yes, I like to tease. I like to have fun. Life would be boring if we were serious all of the time.

Let's get to it. :)

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