Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Tips on Hand Care for Winter!

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It's so important to remember to give your hands the TLC that it needs. Hands are often forgotten. So, let's get into receiving soft, silky smooth hands! 

Begin by soaking your hands in warm water to open up the pores. 

One Minute Hand Scrub
L'Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub (C$25,
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Next, when taking care of your hands, always remember to exfoliate them. You will notice how much grime is really on your hands. If you have not ever exfoliated your hands, the water will change colour dramatically. Gross, right? So, it's a good thing to exfoliate. How often should you exfoliate? That depends on the grinds of the formula. Just like any other exfoliator that you use, if the grinds are thin/gentle (so, you can barely tell that they are there are grinds. It's so gentle, it's practically non-existent.), you use your exfoliator every day. If the grinds are thick/coarser/harsher, exfoliate once to twice a week. You may be able to use it three times in a week. I would normally exfoliate three times a week.

Nourish/Hydrate/Moisturize Your Hands
After you've exfoliated, I normally just apply my fave hand lotion or hand butter to moisturize my hands. I will also rely on hand masks, night lotions/butters to do the trick. I prefer hand butter, which are thicker, and it's packed with moisture for dry to very dry hands. Otherwise, I will opt for hand lotions that are non-greasy, oil-free. 

Secure the Moisture
Applying non-cotton gloves on your hands after you've applied a lotion/butter. This locks in the moisture. Cotton abosrbs moisture. It isn't a good idea to sleep in cotton, wear clothes that are of cotton (unless you are working out, exercising, or any sport or activity that requires you to perspire. You need the cotton to absorb the sweat.)

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