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Skincare Layering 101

Because, I get asked all of the time, I thought I would break it down to you on how you should be washing your face in the day and at night. 

With all of the skin care steps that there are, plus now it is a good idea to incorporate the skincare regime of the Koreans, don't you find it confusing to keep up? Let me break it down for you on how you should be washing your face in the morning and night.

Morning Skincare Regime

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Step 1: Cleanse
Cleansing is really important. It lifts the dirt from your skin. As well as, it opens up the pores and preps the skin for the next steps of skincare. This is important if you want to receive the full benefits of your skincare products. A cleanser that doesn't require a toner is difficult to find, considering it is a new formula to hit the market. If you find one, then skip the toner. Otherwise, cleansers generally bring down the ph balance in your skin. 

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Step 2: Exfoliate
Exfoliating is important to remove dead skin cells from your pores, as it clogs your pores that leads to blemishes due to the oil being clogged in your pores. If you want your skin cells to grow to its full capacity; exfoliate. If the exfoliate has gentle beads, exfoliate daily - it's a must to exfoliate daily. If the beads are thicker, so harsher - exfoliate two to three times a week.In addition, exfoliating is good for all skin types. It also promotes younger-looking skin. Who doesn't want that? 

Step 3: Toner
It's important for your ph balance to remain leveled, so tone up your skin. You can get toners that are alcohol-free, that are all-natural, organic, or simply any toner that is alcohol-free, as there are more and more toners that don't contain alcohol. I will say this, there are some alcohols that are specifically labelled in the ingredients section that is healthy for your skin, so healthy that your skin actually needs it.

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Step 4: Mask It
Apply a mask to deep clean, hydrate, or whichever you want your mask to do. So, use your fave mask, follow the instructions. Apply cucumbers onto your eyes. Relax and enjoy!

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Step 4: Eye Cream
Gotta keep those crows feet, bags and dark circles at bay. Apply eye creams on your upper cheekbone. You will notice that your cream ends up under your bottom lash line, naturally. Some eye creams allow you to apply them on the crease of the eye. Initially, these creams deliver moisturization. Minimizing dark circles, bags (as long as it isn't hereditary) and crows feet.

Now this is adding Korean beauty into your regime. Apply both a serum and a essence. You really can, and it's amazing!! I have incorporated these steps. I love serums and essences.
Step 5: Serum
Serums contain a few ingredients that are designed to help with certain imperfections (dark circles, wrinkles, brightening - excellent to lift brown spots, dark circles, redness, including the redness form blemishes/acne). It is generally more concentrated. Serums can be clear or lotion like. They are generally heavier and almost oil-like. 

Step 6: Essence
Essences are super light and less concentrated, despite the fact that they are pretty much the same thing. The one difference is that essences deliver more of a hydration than a serum, as mentioned above serums concentrate on imperfections of the skin.

Step 7: Sunscreen

Sunscreen contains ingredients that's excellent for to moisturize, as well as to maintain and attain younger looking skin. Ingredients in skincare and makeup products break down the SPF, this means you are not receiving the full benefits and the goodness of a sunscreen. If you want sunscreen benefits, use an actual suntan lotion. 

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Step 8: Moisturize
Moisturizing is very good for all skin types. A moisturizer that says "light" is for oily skins. It's much thinner than using a moisturizer that says "rich"on it. Even dehydrated skin has their own line within the skincare companies that is designed for oily skin, normal skin and dry skin. If you are using a sunscreen, you can use a moisturizer over top of it or skip this step and use Step  only. 

If you are deciding to use step 5 and 6, then you don't need to use step 7 and 8, and vice versa if you are using step 7 and 8. Only if you want to. 

Night Skincare Regime
I love night skincare more than daytime skincare. It takes less time.
Step 1: Cleanse

This Korean beauty steps have incorporated into my skincare nighttime regime.

The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Overnight Moisturizing Mask
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The Face Shop Collagen Pomegranate Pack (C$15,
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The Face Shop Seaweed Pack (C$15,
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Rodial Dragons Blood Hyaluronic Mask (C$48,
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Step 2: Mask
A leave on night mask. These masks are to be applied about twenty minutes before going to bed. You do leave it on. It doesn't rub off onto your pillow, as long as you have left enough time for the formula to seep into your pores. In the morning, when you wake up, you wash it off with warm water and a wash cloth when you wake up.


Step 2: Moisturize
Skip this step, if you plan on using step 2, otherwise after you cleanse, apply your night moisturizer.


Step 2: Serum & Essence
Apply your serum and essence before heading to bed. If this is your step, then ignore the other two steps. 

Then there is a mask sheet (sheet mask depending on the skincare company), lip mask (lip pack), eye mask (eye pack), hand mask sheet, foot mask sheet, foot peel off scrub  sheet mask, neck mask (neck sheet mask or neck mask sheet), nail pack (nail mask sheet or nail sheet mask). I love them all.

If you follow my blog, then you would know that I love my mask sheets at night. You can use them as you take a bath, or whenever. Cleanse first, always! It's so important if you want to receive the full benefits of your skincare, not just with all of these masks, but with your skincare formulas.

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