Saturday, January 23, 2016

Wait! Stop! Don't Throw Out That Liquid Concealer!

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Before you do anything, the first thing you should not do is throw away your liquid concealer. If you feel it isn't providing the coverage that you need or want. Let me share with you a tip on how you can receive the coverage that you want and possibly need. Receive the coverage that you would get with a cream concealer, minus the cream texture.

You Will Need:
Liquid Concealer
Water in a cup or bowl 
Concealer or small powder brush

Step 1: Apply liquid concealer, for example, under your eyes

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Step 2. Dampen your sponge by using the water

Step 3: Apply your dampen sponge on top of your liquid concealer

Step 4: Always set your makeup with a powder by using your tool (concealer brush or small powder brush). The powder is your preference, as a powder is designed to set your makeup. Using a loose powder or a pressed powder would work best, as it balances out the thickness of the concealer. This avoids any cakiness. A powder foundation is heavy in coverage, despite it feeling light-weight on the skin. This will deliver a cakey look. 

This technique will crease like a cream (even though, there are more and more cream based products that are hitting the market that are becoming creasless, meaning to prevent creasing).

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