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Interview: Published, Nominated, Celebrity Hair Stylist Sarah Majkut!

Once upon a time, to the time when I had met Sarah Majkut, a young and already successful hairstylist on the set of my photo shoots. We hit it off immediately. I was in awe of how effortlessly talented and quick she was able to create the most creative hair styles. We had worked on many more fashion photo shoots afterwards. Majkut had even ended up cutting my very long hair first into a lob, then into a bob. She had made me feel comfortable to have my hair cut short, as I was nervous as anything. Majkut had done such a great job, that I still wear a lob or bob to this day. She had changed my mind on my thoughts on short hair for the better. 

Majkut, 26, is a Burlington, Ontario (Canada) based hairstylist, who has been published in numerous Canadian and American based, international fashion publications that consists of Elegant Magazine, Cliche, Wedding Essentials, Auxiliary Magazine and more. Styling the hair by the likes of Anjulie (Singer - with hits as Brand New Bitch and You and I), Aleesia (Singer/Songwriter), Carmen Corcoz (Actress/Singer), plus many models. Recently, Majkut is a nominee at the Burlington Post Reader's Choice 2016 Awards. 

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Thank you, Sarah for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with me :).

Sarah Majkut 
Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut's Facebook Page

 Stacey Camacho:  How did you decide that hair styling would be your forte?
Sarah Majkut: I was always interested in hair, however, 
I never knew that my interest would grow into this thriving career that I have now. I entered into the industry whilst still in high school, and I've never looked back. So, in a way, you could say that hair styling picked me. 

SC: How long have you been a hair stylist?

SM: I've been doing hair for about nine years, now; six years of which I've been licensed and certified.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut

SC: What kind of training have you received to refine your skills?

SM: I've taken numerous classes since I've been fully certified as a hairstylist. They're ranged from in depth colour courses to working with Martin Parsons, refining my up-do skills and, most recently, attending a three intensive cutting class at the Sassoon Academy in Toronto. Continuing any education in my field has always been very important to me.

SC: Congratulations on your numerous publications! How exciting! It’s well deserved. What does it feel like to be accomplished hairstylist?

SM: I never really take the time to sit back and realize all that I've accomplished, because I'm always working on the next big thing, pushing myself outside the box and utilizing my creativity to the fullest.

Elegant Wedding
Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut's Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut Facebook Page

SC: You are a published hairstylist, as well, correct? What publications have you been featured in? And, how does it feel to be such an accomplished hair stylist?

SM:   Yes, I've been published numerous of times. I've done work for Auxiliary magazine, Cliche, JYNXD, Missy Ink, Delicious Dolls and Wedding Essentials. 

Auxiliary Mag
Photo courtesy of Auxiliary website 
Wedding Essentials
Photo courtesy of MPSG Weddings Facebook Page

SC: I do believe that you compete in hair shows, is that correct?

SM: I try to compete in competitions from time to time, whether solo or as a salon team. The last competition I competed in was the 2015 ABAs.

SC: Any other accomplishments that you have endured?

SM: The most gratifying accomplishment, in my opinion, is providing clients with an in salon experience that transforms not only their outward appearance, but how they feel about themselves. It's amazing how a simple hair-do can change someone's opinion about themselves.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut Facebook Page
SC: Out of all the photographers that you have worked with, who would you credit as the photographer to get you started in fashion industry, as a fashion hairstylist?

SM: I've worked with a few different photographers over the years, Andrew Hiorth of MPSG Weddings is the photographer I would credit with getting me involved in the fashion industry. We've worked together on a number of different shoots over the years, always looking to push the envelope and make ourselves known in the fashion world.

SC: Which photographer have you enjoyed working with?

SM: There's a few photographers within the MPSG family that I've had the pleasure of working with on a continuous basis that I have an amazing working relationship with.

SC: Take the readers, your fans, into the life of a hairstylist on set from the time you wake up to the time you the photo shoot has completed.

SM: Any day of a shoot is organized chaos. The moment I wake up, the first thing on my mind is making sure the bag I pack has everything I need and more. Once I get everything together and make it on location for the prep work to start it's up to me to know the order of looks that will be shot (previously discussed) and style the models in the same order. If there's only one model working that day, the whole team works together to decide the easiest way for everyone to accomplish multiple looks on one person. That's when the fun begins. Once the creative juices start flowing, the looks come together in their entirety very quickly. There's music pumping, yelling, laughing, makeup, hairspray, wardrobe, all at the same time, it's a glorious creative haven. In order for any shoot to run smoothly there has to be communication and efficiency. As the day comes to a close there is an unanimous feeling of accomplishment amongst everyone and the excitement to see the finished product once the photographer adds all of the finishing touches. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut Facebook Page

Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut Facebook Page

SC: Who have worked with models and celebrities, correct? May I ask who some of the people you have had the privilege of styling their hair?

SM: I've worked with a lot of models over the years, but the most well-known would be Aleesia (singer/songerwriter) and Anjulie (singer of hits, such as Brand New Bitch and You and I).

SC: Do you have any upcoming events coming up?

SM: Going into 2016, I have more education booked early into the year. After that, a few weddings, maybe some more creative shoots. But, definitely many, many clients at the salon (Fate Hair Salon in Burlington, Ontario on Appleby Line).

SC: Do you have any advice for any future hairstylists that want to follow in your footsteps? What advice would you offer? 

SM: The best advice that I can give anyone looking to be a hairstylist within the salon, as well as on location at photo shoots is put the time in! Nothing will ever happen for you if you sit around and wait for it. It's a lot of late nights and early mornings, after work and on the weekends. Sometimes you end up working seven days a week. A little hard work and determination will go a long way. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut Facebook Page
Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut Facebook Page
Photo courtesy of Sarah Majkut Facebook Page
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