Thursday, March 17, 2016

7 Breakfast at Tiffany's Behind the Scenes!

These behind the scenes, you may not have ever been aware of. Check it out, below. 

1. A Real Holly? The writer of the book, which was based in the 40's, claims there was indeed a real-life Holly who lived in his building in an apartment below him, as writer, Truman Capote was writing his novel. She was in her late teens, who had just moved to New York in the early 40's.

Breakfast At Tiffany's
Breakfast at Tiffany's Book
By: Truman Capote

2. The book, Breakfast at Tiffany's differs from the film. The film is a more polished version of book. I didn't quite see the entire episode of Scienfield where George Constanza had decided to watch the movie instead of reading the book for his book club. The film is based in the contemporary 60's, with the woman in her early 30's. The real Holly had a fondness for marijuana (the director nixed that). Holly was a bisexual (that was nixed, too). How about Miss. Holly having a career as a professional escort, where she had sometimes slept with wealthy men, some had said, she may have even been a professional prostitute (that was downplayed a whole lot.) Holly Golightly in the film was a call-girl. Clearly, the film and the book differ in quite a few ways.

3. Steve McQueen was considered for the role, however he was unavailable. Instead the male lead went to George Peppard, against the director Blake Edwards' desire. 

4. Who knew that the memorable opening scene in Manhattan, with a single yellow taxi car, Holly Golightly walking out of the taxi to Tiffany's, gazing through the window enjoying a danish (to which Hepburn, I wouldn't say detests, however it's along those lines), sipping on coffee in one take, according to Edwards' widow, Julie Andrews. This scene did have some challenges, though. For one, gawkers wanted a peek of the action, well Audrey Hepburn to be precise, Hepburn's dislike for danishes and an accident that nearly electrocuted a crew member. 

5. One of the few shots the were actually shot in Manhattan in the eight days of location the cast and crew were there filming inside Tiffany's on a Sunday for the first time in decades if ever, for this legendry jewelry store allowed for the store to open on a Sunday to film inside. Not without sales clerks that were on hand, plus forty armed guards to prevent pilferage. 
It was also the first time Tiffany's in Manhattan, New York has been used as a film location.

6. Moon River was initially to be cut loose from the film, as it was Paramount's decision. Hepburn's reaction, 'Over my dead body!" With that said, Moon River remained, and it went on to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song. 

7. The iconic little black dress was designed by Hepburn's friend and favourite designer who had designed her wardrobe in many films since her earlier films, Hubert de Givenchy. He actually designed her entire wardrobe. He continued to do so in every film she had starred in afterwards, as well. The dress had sold at an auction a few years for over $900,000.

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