Saturday, March 19, 2016

Audrey Hepburn's 15 Beauty Secrets

Breakfast at Tiffany's - breakfast-at-tiffanys Screencap

1. Perfect Lashes Take Work

Audrey had famously used pins to seperate her each and every lash after mascara had been applied. To achieve the same effect, use a lash brush, removing excess (extra) product onto a paper towel, applying mascara in zig zag motion. This creates clump-free lashes. 

A simple ponytail may seem like a lazy fall-back, but a perfectly straight side part and a bit of glossing serum can give you an Audrey-approved version in minutes.
2. Chic Ponytails

3. Steam Facials
Audrey also swore by a steam facial twice a week.

4. Fresh Air
“I love to walk, so I do get lots of air… lots and lots of oxygen.” 

5. Light Foundation
Fun fact: Did you know that Audrey’s makeup artist Wally Westmore used a very light foundation to make Audrey’s face look fuller on screen? Apparently Audrey’s large eyes often came across as too intense on camera and the lighter shade helped to balance them out. It seems porcelain skin really is the way forward ladies!

6. Skip Thick Powder

7. Subtle Shades

8. Bold Brows Never Go Out of Style

9. Doe Eyes
Apply eye liner in a typical 50's manner. It was such a trend to have a thin layer in the inner corner of the eye, thickening as you apply to the outer eye, ending it with an elegant slight wing

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
10. Hair Products Make All the Difference
"Philip created Elasticizer personally for Audrey Hepburn over 25 years ago! He met Audrey in 1974 whilst she was making a movie in London, at the time she referred to herself as Mrs Dotti (as she was married to Dr Andre Dotti) and it was with this name that she booked her appointment. It wasnt until she turned up at his office that Philip realised it was Audrey Hepburn!  Audrey was after something that would keep her hair looking fantastic on set, due to constant processing and styling. Philip created Elasticizer and the worlds first pre-shampoo treatment was born. This unique pre-shampoo element ensures that hair is left intensely conditioned, but also full of bounce and life. Audrey was thrilled with the results and used Elasticizer for the rest of her life – she had huge tubs of Elasticizer shipped out to Switzerland regularly!" - Philip Kinglsey Blog

11. Dramatic Pout
50's lip

12. Discover Your Signature Scent

Givenchy L'Interdit

'Interdit (1957), the fragrance house's first cult scent, the floral juice is a tribute to Givenchy's most glamorous muse, Audrey Hepburn. Her personal scent has been reworked in a combination of spicy pepper and clove, softened by rose, jasmine and violet, and grounded with earthy vetiver and incense. This sophisticated classic is as elegant and lovely as its original wearer.

13. Don't Shy Away From Going Bold

14. Perfect Posture
Do you want to look more confident, slimmer, smaller? Then, you'll want perfect posture by sitting and standing up straight, always.

15. Less is More
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