Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beauty Looks for Spring 2016: Brushed Up Brows

This is how I normally brush brows, in an upward motion. It creates a sence of fullness, lightness and feathering. It's very much like Cara Delevingne. It requires very little filling in. If you do fill in, it's ever so lightly. The photograph below is from Nanette Lepore, the maekup artist who had created this look is Charlie Riddle. He had stated that since the eye was so strong, he didn't want to fill the brows in or even alter their shape.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #2

To recreate this look take a brow brush and brush upwards. Go lightly when brushing. Natural brows, light, feathery brows that has a natural-like fullness to them is what's in the season. You can replace the brow brush for a spoolie.

I love the look of brows looking just like this.

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