Friday, March 4, 2016

Conceal Those Imperfections!

Foundation is designed to cover an uneven complexion. Concealer is designed to be applied after your foundation application has been applied to conceal any imperfections your foundation had missed. With that being said, let's discuss concealing under eye blemishes. A thick concealer is going to extenuate fine lines. A thinner concealer, such as a liquid. 

How to Apply Concealer:
Select a concealer, if it's cream warm it up on the back of your hand to warm it up, so it blends easier. Place your concealer in an upside down V shape under your eyes. With your concealer brush blend it in. 
As for blemishes, take a pointed concealer brush in a circular motion and concealer that matches your complexion, apply it right over top of each blemish. Use your sponge to help you blend it. Powder to set your makeup, so everything stays in place.
Don't forget around your nose. On your eye lids to coneal the veins on your eyelids.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Correct + Conceal Palette 


Conceal Under You Eyes (Corrective Concealer)
Yellow is used to camouflage redness and blemishes.
Peach is for dark circles and blemishes.
Pink is normally used for dark set eyes, which is normally seen on South Asians. It brightens their eyes up.
You can mix up the first two shades on the left for olive skin tones, or mix first on the left with the second one on the right. Basically, you can mix the first four hues. The only time concealer is to be applied first is when you are using colour corrector. To secure your concealer, apply your foundation over top of it, along with your powder to set it.

For dark circles anything in a peachy tone, such as apricot or peach will disguise the dark circles. 

Purple concealer is excellent to correct dullness on your skin.

Define Your Lips
For more defined lips, use concealer that is your natural shade, and apply it all around your lip line. To set your conceler, which means keeping it in place, use your powder to where you have applied your concealer. Or just apply it all over your face.

Remember when it comes to makeup, no matter what it is that you're doing, always tap off the excess product on a paper towel or the back of your hand.

Photo courtesy of my friend's facebook
Lip Blocking 
My friend on the right, so she's standing right beside Kesha in a bob, I had applied her makeup for the occasion. No, I'm not pictured. I recreated Kesha's infamous look; smoky eyes, gems above the eye brows and blue lips. I had lip blocked my friends lips to ensure the blue colour would be true. As she had mentioned, to which I knew would happen is that the blue hue shifts by fading when her lips aren't blocked. This means the acid in her lips absorbs colour. Meaning she has pigmented lips. Lip blocking? What is this term I'm speaking of? Take a peak below that explains the importance of lip blocking, as well as what lip blocking is. 
(Yes, Kesha really liked my makeup application that's on my friend. She was impressed. She had mentioned that at the time it was one of the best recreations she had seen.)

Applying concealer all over your lips, then setting it with powder is called lip blocking. This trick is often used on fashion photo shoots when using very pigmented lipsticks, such as hot pink, fire truck red, yellow, orange, blue. It can always be used on any lady that has pigmented red lips. When lips are pigmented, what happens is that the acid in your lips absorb some if not all of the colour of the lipstick, so by lip blocking your lips, you can attain the colour of your lipstick without worrying that your lips will absorb the hue. 

I'm Stacey Camacho, thank you for reading. Until next time!

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