Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cut Crease Eye!

I love the cut crease style. It was once just simply called contour your eyes. What this technique does, is to define your eyes. It even creates a crease, if you don't have one.

I like to use a crease brush, normally a smaller one or a medium size one. A small crease will deliver more product, as the brush is more compacted together, which means more blending, once you have placed your product. If using a small crease, blend with a medium or large crease brush. Only because a small brush can blend too much or too little. I have not used a small brush to blend. I've only ever used a medium size brush or a larger, flufflier one to blend the crease line. Once the chosen crease brush has been decided, with makeup on your small brush, apply the makeup on your crease.
When you reach the outer eye, it looks weird to have it end right there, so with the tip wither wing it out or wing it in, so it's like a bit like a triangle shape (see picture above). Oh, and make sure your makeup colour choice should be dark. It's how you define the eye. As for your eye lid, make sure the shade it lighter. So, plum on the crease, lavender/lilac on the lids.

I like to apply crease makeup first. Blend the crease eye makeup, second. Apply lid makeup, third. Blend the entire eye (crease and lid) altogether. Avoid it from looking choppy or blocky. It doesn't look attractive. Make it flow. 

I always like to highlight the brow bone with highlighter shade of eyeshadow (vanilla, cream, any shade along those lines.) Stay away from white, eggshell white. It's too white. So, blend from lashline all the way to your brow bone. Keep the flow going.

I've used this technique on hooded eyes, Asian eyes, mature eyes. 

That's how you do cut crease eye makeup. :)

I'm Stacey Camacho, thank you for reading. Until next time!

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