Thursday, March 31, 2016

LOVE: Bio Beaute: Exfoliant Doux Comfort: Comfort Exfoliant with Red Berries

I really love Bio Beaute Doux Exfoliant Comfort : Comfort Exfoliant with Red Berries. It feels like my skin is getting moisturized, as it exfoliates my skin. My skin feels super-soft. It smells really nice and yummy. I also really like how it applies. It is a thicker consistency, so use once or twice a week, tops. Using it more than is over exfoliating, causing more harm than good. Causing skin to be irritated and dry out. It's like when you don't have dirt to remove and you're still cleaning. You ruin whatever it is. The same goes for your complexion. Let's not ruin your complexion, let's keep it healthy and beautiful looking! 

Product Knowledge
The essential Comfort Exfoliant with Red Berries eliminates dead cells, minor skin blemishes and revives radiance in all skin types, even sensitive.
Comfort Exfoliant with Red Berries provides effective, stress-free exfoliation even for the most delicate epidermis with its addition of 100% natural origin granules from Organic Apricots. It soothes and softens (oily extract of Organic Blackberry, Organic Apricot and Organic Plum).
The smooth, softening effect is proven: this product perfectly eliminates impurities and excess sebum:  100%* and dead skin cells: 95%*
Exfoliation is extremely gentle: 90%*
Complexion radiance is revived: 90%*

Main certified Organic and botanical ingredients: Organic Apricot Kernel Powder, Organic Raspberry Seeds, Oily extracts of Organic Blackberry, Organic Apricot and Organic Plum, Organic Virgin Sesame Oil. 99.2% ingredients of natural origin, 59.8% ingredients derived from organic farming.

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