Thursday, December 17, 2015

Korean Beauty!

What's taken over the beauty industry right now? Korean beauty.  So, why is Korean beauty so hot right now? It simple, Korean beauty doesn't consist of so many skin care steps, like European beauty that had been brought over to North America. For example, night cream doesn't exist in Korean beauty routine. Korean beauty  routine uses natural ingredients that minimizes steps to make your routine simple, quick and efficient. Click on the links for a full discription of each of the great beauty routines that I have incorporated into my beauty regime. Something I think you should, too. Quite honestly, it opened a whole new world of beauty products. 

The Face Shop Intense Brightening Mascream Sheet C$5
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Mask Sheets

Karuna Renewal + Renewal Eye Mask C$13
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Eye Masks

The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Overnight Moisturizing Mask C$18
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Leave on Night Facial Masks

The Face Shop Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask C$5
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The Face Shop Smile Foot Mask C$5
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Hand Mask & Feet Mask

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