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Makeup Lesson: Applying Falsies!

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Applying falsies where they look natural when applied, regardless if the false eye lashes are glamorous, so voluminous, or natural looking, there is a technique to apply strip false lashes, so they remain on through the evening, day or night, and without a crease in the falsies! Don't you just hate it when they come off at some point, or there is a crease in your lashes when you had curl them?

After you've selected your falsies, follow the steps below!

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Step 1: Curl Your Lashes
Before applying mascara, always curl your lashes prior to application for natural looking finish. This also avoids a crease in the lashes when you curl them afterwards.

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Step 2: Measure Falsies 
To ensure that your lashes will fit properly, measure your lashes. Apply them on your lash line. If they fit from the outer eye to the inner eye. No adjustments need to be made. If adjustments do need to be made, make them by cutting what needs to be cut. If they are too long on the outer or inner corner, cut the piece off, so it fits.

a.Glue Lashes
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b. Applying falsies
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c. Secure Your Lashes
Step 3: ApplyingFalse Eye Lashes
a. Place glue on false lashes
b. Apply false lashes over top of your own lashes.
c. Secure your falsies by using a small silver makeup spatula or brush. Press on the lashes to the your lashes on the lash line, as that is where the falsies are to be placed. Do this this throughout. This helps to secure your lashes in place, as well as to prevent the glue from separating.

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Step 4: Add Mascara
Please refer to my article titled Makeup Lesson: Clump-free Lashes!,to learn how to apply mascara.

Mascara blends in the falsies with your own lashes. If there is still white glue that is seen, colour it in with cake liner, liquid liner. Otherwise, to prevent this step, use black glue.

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