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Skincare Lesson: Oily Skin!

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Do you have oily skin, and you don't like it because of the appearance, look at it this way. Oily skin ages gracefully. If you get a blemish on your forehead once in a while. Chances are you probably don't have oily skin. Our T-zone regardless of your skin type; dry, normal, etc is the oiliest, so you would be breaking out more on the T-Zone. Blemishes on the cheeks and chin is hormonal and/or dehydrated. Oily skin looks super-shiny, as if the person is perspiring all of the time. Oil skin occurs when the skin is imbalanced, therefore, it prodces more oil than necessary. Goal is to balance it or to absorb it, as well as to keep the pores unclog. Detoxifying it with vitamin c is excellent,as well.

Exfoliating removes dead skin to unclog pores, so oil doesn't clog in the pores from the dead skin just sitting there. For more on exfoliating skin, please refer to my article Exfoliating!

Any moisturizer that says "light" on it is for you. It's oil-free.

NYX Cosmetics Blotting Powder ($11.99,

MAC Blot Powder ($26,

Makeup products that are oil-free are excellent for you. Powder foundation, oil-free liquid foundation. Stay away from anything that contains oil. You will break out more. Before applying any makeup use blotting papers, blotting powder. This absorbs any excess oil you may have, so your makeup stay on much longer. 

So, for skincare, as mentioned above, cleanse your skin, gel cleansers work well, however there are other great cleansers for oily skin, exfoliate, tone, moisturize. Any products that help to balance the oil and/or absorb excess oil is what you need. Don't forget to mask your face, by applying a mask. 

To go very natural egg white mask removes black heads that come along with having oily skin. To get the recipe, click on the link to my article: Ask Stacey: DIY Facial Mask to Remove Blackheads!

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