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Makeup Lesson: Clump-Free Lashes!

Clump-Free Lashes
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Don't you just hate it when the mascara clumps? Or, clumpy lashes? We all want to avoid clumpy lashes. Below, are my tips, so you can have clump-free lashes.

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Step 1: Curl Your Lashes
Before applying mascara, always curl your lashes prior to application for natural looking finish. This also avoids a crease in the lashes when you curl them afterwards.
Dior Diorshow New Look Mascara C$36
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Step 2: Mascara
Take the mascara out of the tube.

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Step 3: Removing Excess Product
Remove the excess mascara by wiping it off on a paper towel with one, two strokes maximum. 

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Step 4: Apply Mascara
Now, that you have removed any additional product, Next, is to apply the formula. When you apply mascara, make sure you use the zig zag motion. The reason is because, it avoids and clumping, more importantly, it get right into each curve of the lash on every single eye lash. 

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Step 5: Comb Lashes
By combing your eye lashes, you are separating them. This also removes any excess product, as well as lashes sticking to each other. 

There you have it, clump-free lashes!

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