Monday, December 21, 2015

Makeup Lesson: All About Foundation!

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Purpose of Foundation:
Foundation is designed to cover uneven skin.

How to Select Your Colour:
To determine your foundation shade, apply three strokes of foundation on your jawline. The reason as to why I say jawline is because that is the least place on your face, on your body where the sun hits. This means this area is your true colour. You want to place a stroke of your true foundation colour in the middle of your jawline, one foundation that is a shade lightest on the other side, and lastly, a stroke on which ever side doesn't have any strokes will contain the darkest shade. Below is a photo of what I'm speaking of. The stroke of foundation in the centre will by the perfect foundation hue that is for you! To sum it up, three strokes of foundation; one light, one that is your colour and one that is the darker shade to be placed on your jawline. The centre stroke is your colour. 

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How to Apply Foundation:
To apply foundation, always apply all of your makeup in a downward motion. This prevents makeup from entering into your pores. Apply foundation with a foundation brush or a blender. Like painting a wall, apply straight down, diagonal. By moving your brush in diagonal motions it blends the strokes that have been applied straight down. With a blender press into the skin, downwards. Always remove the excess product on a paper towel before applying!!!! 

Avoid applying foundation with your fingers. The oil in your fingers differs from the oils in your face. Plus, the oil in your formula will cause the makeup to separate instantly. 

Applying makeup with a sponge will cause you to go through your makeup quickly, as the sponge absorbs half of the product.  A sponge will give the "caked on" effect for a finish.

All you need to know about a foundation brush is, the larger the brush (bristles)  the less concentrated it will be. This gives a sheer coverage. The smaller the brush (the bristles) the more concentrated it will be. This gives a more coverage look. You can still give yourself a natural looking finish with this brush. Just remove more foundation than you normally would. Make sure there is like nothing, but a little something on the brush.

I normally begin on my cheeks working my way down. Concluding on my nose and forehead. Any areas, regardless of the brush can provide coverage. Press or tap the brush to concentrate the product to where you want it to be. Seeping the brush cause the formula to be applied all over instead of one specific area on the face. You are manipulating your product and formula. 

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