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My Beauty Nighttime Routine!

Because, I have a tendency to get bored easily, I like to mix up my routine. I will give you the general idea of my routine, along with additional steps that I will add from time to time. You know, to keep things interesting. Gotta keep me on my toes.
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1. Washing my Face

Normally, when I go to bed, I like to wash my face. Here are my steps on what I do to get my skin ready. After all, sleep does wonders for the skin. Don't neglect beauty sleep for beautiful skin!
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a. Remove Makeup 
Removing makeup is so important to do before going to bed. If it isn't removed the makeup that's on the skin can be transferred into your pores, causing your pores to dry out. This then leads to dry skin, more importantly aging skin! Gasp! We don't want to look older than what we are. We want to look younger. So, remove the makeup.

I normally use a cleanser and makeup remover in one. Actually, Cleansers are designed to be a cleanser and a makeup remover, so if you've ran out of your fave makeup remover, don't worry, as long as you have your cleanser you are fine. 

To use a cleanser as a makeup remover, apply it downwards. This prevents makeup from entering into your pores. Afterwards, with your cleanser, apply it upwards so it enters into your pores.

b. Cleanse
To continue from a., cleansing the skin is always the first step. It opens the pores and preps the skin for the next steps in skin care. 
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c. Mask It
When I need a mask, I need a mask. It isn't something I use every night. I'll apply an almond mask for the additional hydration that my skin so needs, especially in the winter. I will sometimes make my own (for a DIY almond mask that I use, check out my article It's All About the Almonds!), however I usually purchase my almond mask. Yes, I've incorporated some Korean beauty products into my regime. 
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d. Under Eye Sheet Mask
It's simple, quick and non-messy. I like it to use these. Leave it on for about fifteen minutes, or however long it states on the package. Place it in the fridge a few hours before using to ensure you are receiving full benefits from it. 

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e. Moisturize
I will use a moisturizer to top of off my ritual. I like to have my skin moisturized. It's always good to apply a moisturizer after a cleanse and a mask since the pores are already opened, may as well get the full benefits of a moisturizer. Now, if I use a mask sheet, I will not moisturize. 

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4. Taking Care of My Feet
I will apply heal cream on my heels, as my feet are as dry as my hands, especially in the winter. So, peppermint heel cream on my heels and foot butter. The drier my feet or hands are, I will use butter over a lotion. Why? Butter is thicker than a lotion. A butter is also non-greasy formula that seeps into the skin quickly delivering quick and efficient results. It isn`t an exterior type of formula, it`s instead internal. Meaning, it works within, instead of just on the surface. Gotta love me some butter! 


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4. Bath Time
I like using bath salts, such as Rocky Mountain or Lamb's Soapworks. Then there's bubble bath from The Honest Company's Honest Bubble Bath in Tangerine, Fresh Rice Sake Bath, L'Occitane Lavender Harvest Foaming Bath, Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Wash and Bubble Bath. As well as, Laura Mercier's Fresh Fig Honey Bath. There is such so many I like. However, I've named a few that I like.

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5. Mask Sheet It
A mask sheet is the new "it" thing to do in beauty. A mask sheet is quick, simple and non-messy. It contains serum within the mask. A true story, a while back, I had a mask sheet on. As I was waiting fifteen minutes (that's how long generally you leave a mask sheet on), I had fallen asleep within minutes. By the time I had woken up the next morning, I had removed the mask sheet to discover my skin looked ah-mazing. So, I now apply my mask sheet as I go to bed. Hint: If you are going to use your facial sheet at night, place the formula into the fridge in the morning. If you plan on using the formula, leave it in the fridge over night. This ensure you are getting even more benefits from your mask. 

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