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My Interview with Jessica Douglas -- Canadian & International Multi-Award Winning Photographer!

I've recently had the opportunity to speak with Toronto (Canada) based, Canadian & International multi-award winning wedding photographer, Jessica Douglas of Jessica Douglas Photography. I've had the pleasure of working with this talented photographer on a numerous beauty and fashion shoots over the years. This includes behind the camera, as well as in front of the camera. It's always such a pleasure. She makes shooting so much fun. The amount of passion, focus, creativity and innovation that goes into her art is truly inspiring to someone like me.  

Jessica spoke with me about how she had gotten started in the industry, who had inspired her, her training, her view of the creation of images, the night she had won her first award at the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards, how she had felt winning such an award, taking me behind the scenes of the life of a successful photographer and her advice to pass on to upcoming photographers.

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The lady behind the camera, Jessica Douglas of Jessica Douglas Photography
Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography Facebook Page

Jessica Douglas, 24, who hails from Burlington, Ontario (Canada) has been a photographer for about six years, now. Professionally, for about three years. She began her studies as a photographer in high school that led to her studies at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario (Canada). Douglas has generated tremendous amount of success in such a short amount of time. She has received positive recognition for her work inside and outside of Canada, this making her an international photographer. Douglas has taken the industry by storm with her talent, innovation, along with her creativity in how she captures photographs, photographs that you will truly treasure and forever be proud of displaying. Douglas is the kind of photographer who approaches her clients with such ease making them feel relaxed and comfortable. With a growing fan base on social media with a combined total of 1,031 on Facebook and Instagram, this is a successful business that will only continue to grow to be an incredible amount of success. Douglas doesn't create pictures, she creates art. 

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Couple's Shoot
Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography's Facebook Page

Thank you so much, Jessica for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with 
me :). 

Stacey Camacho: What brought you into the photography world?
Jessica Douglas: I was in grade ten, when a teacher of mine, Mr. Sauve, convinced  me to take his  photography class. I was unsure at the time, because I wanted to take another sports class, but I thought, why not. I was never really interested in  photography before then, so I thought it could be something different. I remember  the first day of class, he brought out an old canon 35 mm film camera and I was  hooked. Learning right  away how to put film into the camera, take photos and learn the correct exposures as  well as developing the film and in the end producing our own photograph prints; it was exhilarating! It always made me feel so productive and proud of finishing a  project start to finish.

SC:  What kind of training have you received to refine your skills?
JD:  I studied at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario (Canada), and have since graduated with a photography diploma.  I also have taken multiple workshops and classes with famous photographers such as, Sam Hurd, Jerry Ghionis, Ryan Schembri, Joe McNally and  many more! I've also had the pleasure of working with MPSG Inc for the past three years as  a professional Wedding Photographer, and also running and owning my own
Wedding Photography boutique company right here in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

      SC: You capture other great memories, aside from being a wedding        
      photographer, what are they?
      JD: I would like to say every photograph I take is a memory. If not to myself, then to the 
      subjects within my photographs. So yes, I have photographed great memories. Lasting one. Memories that families will have to cherish for the rest of their lives, moms and dads get to watch their children grow up from baby bump to their high school graduation. That’s what’s I’m excited about. The memories! 

      SC:  Congratulations on your numerous awards! How exciting! It’s well
      deserved. What does it feel like to be an award-winning photographer? JD: Oh wow! Thank you so much, yes very exciting indeed! I guess it feels a little better knowing my mom isn’t the only fan I have? All jokes aside, it feels great to know my community members, colleagues, and business partners all support me and  continue to inspire me! The love and support this past year has been crazy overwhelming! I couldn’t have been any luckier J

The photograph that had won CWIA - Best Group Photo
Photo courtesy of

SC: Take us back to the evening when you had won your first award at the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards.  

JD: What a magical night! I was attending the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards  with 

a couple of my friends and colleagues walking around visiting other vendors and  having 

fun! Getting to dress up for a night and party to celebrate all that we’ve come to do, and accomplish was an award in itself! But, when the awards started rolling, and Tracy Moore started the introductions I felt an overwhelming sensation of  accomplishment. I being twenty-three (years-old), at the time, fresh in the business submitted the coolest photo I have photographed to date! But just the fact that I had submitted and was  attending was huge. I had NO idea I’d win, with such amazing competition and  knowing that some of my idols were in the same room, gunning for the same award?  Crazy! But, when my name was called, I was stunned. My ears started ringing, my  hands started to sweat, my chest felt like an elephant was standing on it… I honestly couldn’t believe it. I start laughing uncontrollably when I was walking up to the stage  to accept the award, in addition to pose for a photo… keeping in mind, I had almost tripped.  (HAHA) But it was honestly one of the most coolest experiences I have ever felt.. It  was probably the most memorable night in my career for sure.

SC: You are a published photographer, as well, correct? What publications have you been featured in?
JD: Yes! I am! I have been published in Wedding Bells, as well as a couple makeup (fashion) magazines with a collaboration with you in fact ;). I also had some cycling photos I  had taken while attending the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride featured in Cycle Canada Magazine!

SC: Any other accomplishments that you have endured? 
JD: I honestly believe that running a successful business is an accomplishment on its own! But I have won a couple more awards for some of my creative pieces!

SC: What brought you into the wedding industry to photograph weddings?
JD: I always loved the idea of capturing a monumental day in someones life. I'm very competitive, and I love the pressure of “getting the shot”. I also love getting to work, and to meet with new people. Not only my clients, but other photographers and videographers, as well! Always trying to keep creative is tough, but in the wedding industry, since there are so many photographers, its really cool to see each others' work and always up your game! Plus, at the end of the day, getting to know your couple, really makes a long lasting relationship that I cherish always J

Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography Facebook Page

SC: Take us, your fans, into the life of a photographer from the time you wake  up to the time you go to bed.
 JD: Oh cool question! Well it all depends on what kind of photographer you are, or if your  working on your own or with a studio. Myself however, I will wake up, start my mornings  off with a green smoothie, walking my Alaskian Klee Kai puppy, Ace, and then head off to  the gym. Us photographers work 7 days a week! Weekends being our busiest days, so during  the week is typically our “catch up and edit days”. I spend my Mondays to Fridays mostly  editing, connecting with clients and ordering products, weekends… different story. If I have  a wedding, it’s rising with the sun, preparing my gear and running out the door to start my  8-15 hour work day! We are pretty normal in other cases, I’d say. Meeting up with clients,  catching the latest flick on the big screen, you name it. We tend to mostly be hermits,  speaking for myself.. so it’s always good to set yourself up with a great set of friends who  understand the demand your under to deliver images in a timely fashion! But other than  that, days are spent on a computer more than in front of a lens! In my case anyways!

 SC: What’s your preference? A destination wedding photographer or a local  photographer.
 JD: Hmmm, well depends on the time of year I feel. I love being both a destination  photographer and a local.  But if I had to choose, having the opportunity to photograph  weddings all around the world would be a dream J

Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography Facebook Page

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 SC: Do you have any advice for any future photographer that wants to follow in  your steps? What advice would you offer?
 JD: Ohhh, yes. So, my advice would be to situate yourself with a mentor. A photographer  that has been in the industry for a long time, or a relatively long time. Their wisdom and  knowledge can be so incredibly valuable to you. Knowing what their obstacles were and  how they overcame them to their biggest successes, it’s all important. It’s all relative to  your future career. Working in the industry as an assistant or second shooter could gain you  so much experience! Knowing a little bit of small business does help, too! 
 For the creative advise, photograph what YOU love to photograph. Shoot images that YOU  want to shoot. Too many photographers now a days shoot what clients want them to shoot  (understandable if you’re a commercial photographer), however, as a wedding photographer, I see  beauty, I see a story, in addition, it’s my vision, as well as creative ability that takes my camera to click  the button. Clients who see your vision and respect it, will hire you. In return, you’re not just creating long lasting memories for your clients, but that’s when real art is created.

Thank you, again, Jessica! I hope all of your dreams come true! With that passion that is instilled in you, all of your dreams will come true! 

Destination Wedding
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An adorable family moment!
Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography Facebook Page

See what fans of  Jessica Douglas Photography are saying:

"She shot me for a popular LA based fashion magazine in 2014. The shots were fantastic and got published. She's very talented and makes everyone feel comfortable around her." - Julia Crosby, Broadcast Journalist & Model

"A true professional! I got the opportunity to work with Jessica for one of my events and we had an awesome time - and one of the photos she took at said event ended up winning an award. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional and skilled photographer, spoken by an event planner that has seen lots of photographers come and go over the years." - Kimberly Fu Skubic, Client

"My wife and I hired Jessica Douglas to do our engagement and wedding photos. Everything turned out great and the photos look amazing. Jessica is an excellent photographer, very professional, personable, has a good eye at capturing people in the right moment and is very creative/resourceful with her surroundings. If you hire Jessica to do any of your shoots you won't be disappointed. My wife and I highly recommend her. Thanks again Jess for capturing our most important memory on film." - Chris Del Rosso, Client

"My sister Monica and I had the pleasure of working with Jessica for Monica's baby shower. It was an intimate gathering of about 15 people, and Jessica did an amazing job capturing beautiful candid moments. With a close group of friends, Jessica made sure to get shots without interrupting the moment. Often with small groups of close friends, when there is a photographer present, it can sometimes feel as though there is an outsider within the group. It was the opposite withJessica, as she blended in perfectly and managed to be in the moment with us, which that really showed in her photos. She captured the details such as the invites, food, party favours and decorations with creativity. We highly recommend Jessica. She is professional yet personable, and provides amazing photos ( and very quickly after the event!). Thank you Jessica, for being a part of Monica's baby shower!" - Katrina Hernandez

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Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography Facebook Page

New Born Photo Shoot
Photo courtesy of Jessica Douglas Photography Facebook Page

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